Flóki - The Icelandic whisky saga

In 868, a Viking ship sailed from Norway searching for a fabled island in the North Atlantic Sea. Their courageous leader was Flóki, called Hrafna-Flóki, because of the three ravens he carried with him. Those ravens led him to an island he named Iceland, where he became the first known settler. In his honor our whisky carries the name: Flóki

Since 2009 our humble goal is to make quality spirits using local ingredients. 
Using barley harvested from Icelandic soil combined with world famous Icelandic spring water, we crafted the Flóki recipe. Craftsmen designed and readied our custom distillery. And we painstakingly adjusted, tested, and perfected each element over four years and more than one hundred trials. We made ready for the long sleep fine whiskey requires.

As the first barrels of whisky matured, we released two other artisanal spirits: Vor gin and Víti aquavite. Both are award winning, and both are descendants of the same base spirit as the whisky, infused with all-native herbs and botanicals. Proud of the time and effort that has been put into these products, our passion and artisanal care are shining through.

Flóki: True to our customers, the quality of our products, and the value of adventure.

Flóki Whisky Selection

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